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A Simple Wiki Page of X1 Blockchain/XEN Crypto Ecosystem.

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Official Websites


Official WebsiteDescription
Faircrypto.orgFair Crypto Foundation
xen.networkXEN Universe
Xen Network DocsXen Network Docs - The home of XEN Crypto™ and the X1 Blockchain™
vmpx.ioVMPX (BRC20 & ERC20)
XenBlocks.ioProof of Work element of X1 Blockchain™
X1Blockchain.netX1 Blockchain™ - Built On First Principles of Crypto
Xenpedia.comWikipedia for XEN


XEN_CryptoXEN Crypto Official
$VMPXVMPX Official (vmpx.io)
mrJackLevinFounder of ⓧFair Cryptoⓧ/XEN Crypto™/X1 Blockchain™/Xenblocks™/(vmpx.io)
XEN TZUFair Crypto Foundation


YouTube ChannelDescription
MrJackLevinI am Jack Levin
XenducationInformation and updates of everything XEN protocol. Not Financial Advice.


Telegram GroupDescription
XENCryptoTalkTalk about XEN Crypto, Tokenomics, Protocols, Design, Future (Official)
XENFORMATIONXEN Information Collection (Official)
X1 Validator KnowledgeX1 Validator Knowledge
X1 ChainX1 Blockchain™ (Official)
XenBlocksXenBlocks is a high performance blockchain design project. Borrowing immutability and data consistency model from Bitcoin, utilizing Proof of Work (POW) for block generation and voting. The high performance of the chain is achieved by decoupling sequentia (Official)
Ordinals/BRC-20Everything ordinals, BRC-20 and XEN integrating into BTC (Official)
DAppsXEN Dapps (Official)
XEN PriceXEN Price chat (Official)
HelpXEN Help (Official)


XEN Tools

XEN ToolMint XENMint TrackerStatistics
xen.pub  *
xenmon.com  **
xensquad.com  *
xenmonit.com **


XenBlocks Tools

XenBlocks ToolsDescription
xenminerXenBlocks CPU Miner (Official) - Python
XENGPUMinerXenBlocks GPU Miner (Official) - Python / C++
XenblocksMinerXenBlocks GPU Miner (Official) - A more optimized and user-friendly xenblocks miner
Vast.aiVast.ai is the market leader in low-cost cloud GPU rental (Recommend)
xgpuUse one simple interface to save 5-6X on GPU compute. XENBLOCKS - Effortless GPU Mining on Vast.ai
vastai gpu performance aggregator botVast.ai GPU Performance Aggregator for XENGPUMiners
XENBLOCKS Mining ToolboxXENBLOCKS Mining Toolbox (for Vast.ai) by tr4vler
hashhead.ioXenBlocks Wallet Check
explorer.hashhead.ioXenBlocks Community Information
xenmapsXenMaps: The First Inscription Project on XenBlocks
xblocks walletXenBlocks Wallet Check
xblocks dashboardXenBlocks Dashboard
xblocks nodesXenBlocks Node Distribution Across Different Regions
xblocks live listenerXenBlocks Live Listener
X1 Scan BotXenBlocks Info in Telegram


Community Projects

Community ProjectsDescription
XENtoshiBlocksThe First-Ever Original Game on Bitcoin Ordinals.
DBXen, DBXeNFTDBXen is a project that proposes a new tokenomics philosophy and distribution algorithm that aims to contribute to XEN deflation while bringing a new $DXN digital asset in the XEN ecosystem.
XENONMint $XEN with gassless claims
XENIFYWelcome to Xenify! We are the Nexus of Innovation, Reward, Effortless Cross-Chain Swapping, and Community-Driven Expansion.
FENIXFENIX is designed to reward crypto community members who believe in the crypto first principles of self-custody, transparency, trust through consensus, and permissionless value exchange without counterparty risk.
XENBOX,XEN Stake,XEN404XENBOX protocol adopts the mechanism of automatic compounding, which automatically compounds the protocol rewards into the staking pool, maximizes your profits, and the rewards come from the XENBOX official website staking.
10,000 XEN404 built on ERC404, welcoming the birth of the X1 chain! Colors automatically change based on the ranking of XEN burning amounts, making it an exciting experiment.
GDXENGDXEN is an innovative blockchain project that introduces a new token economic model and distribution algorithm to promote deflation in XEN while introducing two new digital assets in the XEN ecosystem—GDXEN and XEC.
TGXenFirst Principles of Crypto Contribution to Xen Burn Eligble for XN Airdrop 1:1 TGXen allocation Allocation delays for TGXen price increase Limited Supply
XEL CryptoThe XEL wallet manager helps XEN minters track and organize their mints, facilitates address management, improves security, and lets users mint faster and at a lower cost. It also gives users XEL.
XENDogeXENDoge, born from the magical ashes of burned XEN on the Ethereum network, brings together kind-hearted Xenians from around the world in its heartfelt pursuit of providing much-needed support to animals in need.
XenFlexMint Your Xen cRank as an NFT
XENGameXEN.game is an exciting jackpot game where the ultimate winner is the last person to acquire a key at the end of a round.
XenHeads1st $XEN burning NFT collection
Xenlon MarsFor each DBXen Token burned, you receive 100,000,000 XLON tokens
XEN Pepe1 percent buy/sell tax 100 percent used to buy and burn pXEN First protocol
XENPunksWe're XENPunks, the first fairmint XEN NFT collection. Earn X1 allocation from both the mint cost and royalties! Flaunt your XEN worth, XENPunks for XENians!
XenVaultXenVault is a decentralized financial platform designed to regulate the supply dynamics of XEN tokens. At its core, XenVault is not just a mechanism but a solution, offering users the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of VAULT (XVT) tokens. By integrating advanced DeFi protocols and user-centric features, XenVault aims to become a cornerstone in the XEN ecosystem.


Community YouTube Channels

YouTube ChannelDescription
Crypto Profeta ENXen Crypto Beginner's guide to Minting FREE XEN Crypto a step by step Tutorial FREE CRYPTO Strategy
CryptoBruhhhA DJ/Producer that loves crypto... WHATS GOOD BRUH
Crypto Kindness@cryptokindness4504
Crypto TrVoncrypto content from a person who has been 24/7 crypto since 2015
333CryptoPhysician talking Crypto. Top channel for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin & Crypto News. Not financial advice. For educational & entertainment purposes only. Blessings.
CryptoSloCryptoCurrency Entertainment Videos on How to Buy, Sell, Hold, and Earn Passive Income with Crypto.
Maxim BroadcastTruth so that Life. To know what is valuable, to know how to get value, and to put that knowledge into its logical actions. I hope you listen to the WHY behind anything I'm saying. I KNOW I don't know it all! Please take the good, and leave the bad!
TreeCityWes#Xen #StayXen
Nakamoto CryptoI talk about crypto daily crypto news topics on a variety of cryptos such as xen crypto, dbxen crypto dbxen nft.
TheJoker#1 Drama Reporting Show of KICK. DM me your story. LITERALLY the 2nd verified channel on Kick.


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